2nd gefma Lounge Bavaria-Nuremberg on May 11, 2023 at TH Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm

Frank Gentzwein, branch manager of TÜV Süd Industrie Service GmbH for Nuremberg and Hof, and his colleague Christoph Theilen, sales representative for Bavaria, were the speakers at yesterday's gefma Lounge on the topic of "Bundling SV/SK inspections for a real estate portfolio" at TH Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm. Based on best practices, they guided through the process of their integrated inspection management with the goals of complying with operator obligations, ensuring legal certainty and ensuring the availability of data and documentation. "The problem is first of all not that we find deficiencies, but how they are dealt with," the two speakers stated.

Professor Klaus Heying, Professor for Facility Management, Energy and Building Technology and Building Automation and Scientific Director for the in-service training for the Master Facility Management at the TH Nuremberg, moderated the event in his usual sovereign manner. He defined four potential new business areas from the discussion, such as the creation of an IFC interface for the connection of data management systems to the management of facility data via Excel lists, which is still practiced in many companies. Netinform.RE from TÜV SÜD or Reg-IS from Rödl & Partner served as examples of corresponding tools.

Marcel Steffens, head of the Nuremberg branch of Tattersall-Lorenz, a sponsor of the gefma Lounge Bavaria-Nuremberg, brought the repeatedly addressed basic problem of missing data and documentation into the discussion in his "suggestion from practice". His ideal idea for the legally compliant management of buildings is to establish a digital information management system over the entire life cycle of a building directly at or in the object in order to be independent of changes in ownership, personnel and service providers. In this regard, Frank Gentzwein pointed out that documentation and test results belonged to the respective client and that they therefore repeatedly encountered legal hurdles.

TÜV SÜD's speakers concluded their presentation with seven summary tips and tricks for complying with operator responsibility:

  1. Systematic recording of the plant inventory and its maintenance, as well as the availability of all inspection-relevant documents, is the be-all and end-all.
  2. Analyze inspection obligations
  3. Collect and systematically archive documentation on equipment and related inspections
  4. Take into account changes in inspection obligations in the event of conversions and update the relevant documentation.
  5. When taking over a new property, carry out an analysis of inspection obligations as part of the TDD if necessary and have inspection records or operating documentation submitted.
  6. Ensure continuity in testing
  7. Create awareness of the performance of duties and sensitivity to the issues of legal certainty and liability; current case law shows that the operator's responsibility cannot be delegated arbitrarily

With yesterday's gefma Lounge on the topic of "Bundling SV/SK audits for a real estate portfolio", the Bavaria-Nuremberg Lounge took a new approach with a hybrid event format. Conclusion: There could have been more - also student - participants on site in the Paul-Metz-Saal of the TH-Nürnberg, because the online guests were in the majority. However, with a total of 55 guests, the event was once again a complete success!

If you have any questions about the topic, would like to receive the presentation or would like to be invited to the next gefma Lounge, please feel free to write to us at: gefma@alpha-ic.com