Facility Management

Through modern facility management consulting, we ensure an optimal and efficient building operation.


  • FM-compliant planning

    As early as the design phase, we think about the later operation during planning and construction. In this way, the costs of the usage phase are sustainably influenced and the building operation is individually optimized. Errors and delays are avoided, which in turn has a positive impact on dates, service quality and costs. Through skillful and early planning of FM-relevant issues, space is optimally utilized and building operation and management are organized more efficiently.

  • Management concepts

    Starting with the basic question "WHO does WHAT" in building operation, we support you in all relevant tasks in your property. Our operating concepts ensure the efficient and sustainable operation of your building during the planning and construction phase:

    • FM-space concepts
    • Cleaning and access concepts for high areas
    • Supply and disposal
    • Logistics
    • Measuring and metering
    • Security and access
    • Parking management
    • User manual and building rules

  • Operating cost

    We estimate the future operating costs of your property in a well-founded way in the design phase and identify potential for optimization at an early stage. Our goal is to improve quality and reduce costs. From a simple, benchmark-oriented operating cost estimate to fine-grained analysis of operating costs - we assist you in all matters relating to the cost of your property.

    • Operating costs quick check
    • Operational cost analysis of the estate
    • Cost forecasts at the planning stage
    • Life cycle cost calculations

  • Procurement services

    Of course, all procurement processes follow a standard recognized across the industry. However, we attach particular importance to a balanced consideration of the cost-quality ratio and to the cultural fit between the client and the service provider to be selected or their designated employees. In order to ensure this, we play a moderator role in the start-up phase so that clients and service providers establish a common same understanding of the contract.

  • Quality control

    We support you in your function as building user or owner in taking responsibility as operator and help you in communicating with your facility management service providers. With the expertise of a variety of FM audits, we are able to pinpoint vulnerabilities and assist you on your way to a legally compliant, efficient and powerful FM.

    • FM Quick-Check
    • Cyclic recurring auditing
    • Performance audits
    • FM controlling

  • Green Facility Management

    With our own auditor we oversee and certify your project according to "GEFMA 160 - Sustainability in Facility Management". We ensure the sustainability of the facility. The entire cycle of facility management is considered in implementation, control and the identification and realization of optimization potential.


The operation of buildings is important to us; it is part of what we are. Not only do operating costs exceed initial construction investment, real estate is critically important to the core of most businesses, to people, and to our environment and society. Ever since the founding of our company, we have been dealing with the question of how to organize servicing of buildings to achieve the ideal balance between cost and quality and how long and successful partnerships between clients and service providers can be forged.

Success in this service-oriented business always depends on the human factor. For this reason, our consultants focus very much on needs of the actual users as well as on the selection of service providers. This involves routine work and requires experience, empathy and communication skills.

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