FM service providers have the necessary knowledge of the property, are in a position to assume the owner's operating duties and can contribute the necessary resources for implementing the measures (provided they are secured). 

What we have noticed, however, is that only a few succeed in backing up the current pressure for change in an ESG strategy with measures and passing them on to the operational units of property management (PM) and FM ready for implementation. Thus, the market often gropes its way into the future with small changes, isolated solutions and pilot projects. 

Indeed, the mix is complex and in most cases issues such as ESG, taxonomy, digitalization and classic FM need to be reconciled. We are therefore firmly convinced that this will require far-reaching changes in the processes and organization between asset, property and facility management. 

In our view, this can only be achieved economically by means of a uniform change process: a real estate portfolio review. Here, we use the FM sourcing process and thus a purchasing project to formulate the changed requirements, describe the changed processes and find the respective professionals for the job. With this approach, we were able to accompany one of the leading asset managers and reorganize the complete FM for a sub-portfolio of approx. 100 properties of different asset classes distributed throughout Germany.

Four in one: better efficiency, higher quality, more ESG, and decarbonization plus.

The task for the project was to conclude standardized framework price agreements for the nationwide portfolio with the service providers. These should not only lead to serious improvements in efficiency and quality, but also make a significant contribution to improving ESG performance and decarbonization. 

To this end, we had to fundamentally revise all service profiles with regard to their digitization potential and ESG requirements. We implemented this for the topics of elevator management, energy management, waste disposal management, and SV/SK inspections in such a way that qualified operational service providers can contribute their digital applications and thus act as best-in-class service providers.

Portfolio tenders without data

For the mandate, the multi-sourcing tool "Bee Pro" of Serthoro's Beestate® platform was used for the first time for the portfolio tender, which theoretically also allows awarding without building data. This approach brings cost clarity and certainty right from the start and simplifies the tendering process without an intake marathon. In a next step, the entire Beestate service control platform will be established, ensuring complete operator documentation for the owner. 

Project manager Stefanie Heinzmann is very satisfied with this innovative approach:

"With our further development of the service profiles and the new multi-sourcing tool "Bee Pro", we are able to offer individually tailored solutions for large diversified real estate portfolios and establish a continuous improvement process in operations. In this way, we create positive effects for the environment, resources and costs, and facilitate the perception of operator responsibility."


The ten advantages of the Alpha IC portfolio tender with "Bee-Pro" at a glance:

  1. New performance patterns that map ESG and digitalization
  2. Securing of governance requirements 
  3. Securing of resources for future measures in the properties via framework agreement
  4. Flexible and fast contracting for future portfolio changes 
  5. API - connection of service providers and new possibilities in service provider management 
  6. Increased efficiency for all parties involved
  7. Complete documentation for transaction 
  8. Economical FM Possibility of loose integration of divisional professionals, e.g. in energy management ("best-in-class")
  9. Daily updated view of actual performance status with clear dashboard

If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our expert:

Stefanie Heinzmann, Senior Consultant und FM-Expertin

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Umweltsicherung ∙ M. Sc. (GIS) Geographical Information Science and System ∙ Energieberaterin (TAE)

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