Our contribution to the webinar "Acting instead of reacting - effectively exploiting savings potential in the building through operational optimisation" by aedifion.

Optimised building operation increases user comfort, reduces operating costs, and lowers CO2 emissions. In the webinar "Acting instead of reacting - effectively exploiting savings potential in the building through operational optimisation ", our IBM and digitalisation experts Annika Rink and Matthias Domke showed how we use the aedifion.io product in the final phase of commissioning management.

Our best practice example was a university building with clean rooms, experimental workstations, a lecture hall, and office space. The trial operation, which took place between the completion of the building and the handover to the operator or user, was divided into facility-specific tests and interdisciplinary tests and was designed to take several months. The provision of the operating data in a structured form for the evaluation of the tests was made possible by the use of aedifion.io. In doing so, we primarily took advantage of independence from communication protocols and the functionality of the building automation on site, speed through access in real time and flexibility in the selection of data points as well as the evaluation options. In this way, we were able to prove and document the targeted interaction of the systems before hand-over. Since we carry out targeted tests during trial operation and know exactly where we want to evaluate, we do not use artificial intelligence for this. Our systematic evaluation can be continued in regular operation after completion of the trial operation to identify optimisation measures using the same approach. One point that plays a major role for operators is data security and should be considered before using a cloud for data management. From our point of view, it helps here to discuss possible solutions with the customer and to respond to their needs individually.

We would like to thank you again for the opportunity to share our expertise in commissioning management and to report on our experiences with aedifion. A big thank you to Erik Brümmendorf on behalf of aedifion, Frank Schröder and Alex Schwerdtfeger from Phoenix Contact and all participants. You can watch the 1.5-hour webinar in full here.