As part of Children's Day, we would like to draw attention to our "Alpha Children" campaign. Under the pandemic conditions, a large number of Alpha IC employees have had a particular challenge trying to juggle everything with their children. 

Children want to be kept busy, but at the same time many parents are busy at work, appointments and meetings are the order of the day - not so easy. The combination of private and working life can often be a real challenge, but this time is also a stressful situation for our children. Constantly switching between daycare and school, as well as having to stay at home, affects the everyday lives of our children. In addition, contact with friends is severely restricted by the corona measures. 

In order to bring some variety into the daily routine, distract the children on rainy days and let them let off steam creatively, Alpha IC organized a children's painting competition under the motto: "Paint what you want to do first after Corona".

There were no limits to creativity and the young participants got to work with crayons, wax crayons and watercolors. The submissions varied from families celebrating under rainbows, campfire gatherings and parties to zoo and beach visits. These are just some of the pictures and picture stories submitted. Twelve children aged between 4 and 11 took part in the competition and submitted their artwork to us, which was then collected, voted on and the best entries chosen. 

The winners were delighted to receive a mytoys voucher, but of course the other participants did not go away empty-handed, they received a participant gift. In the end, all the children won and sent in beautiful pictures that remind us how important it is not to lose creativity and zest for life in difficult times. The original pictures are now framed and displayed at our various locations as a memento. 

Once again, we would like to thank all parents for their entries and hope that your children enjoyed the campaign as much as we adults did!