We have recently become an active member of the "Munich Offices" network working group! Munich Offices is a network in which experts from various fields, such as real estate, human resources and IT, as well as employee representatives from different companies, come together to exchange ideas on the design of new working environments, also known as workspaces, and to discuss and develop new concepts together. 

The idea to found the network was born back in 2011 during a tour of the Nokia Siemens Net-works (NSN) site, where new work concepts were demonstrated. After further visits, e.g. to Siemens and Yahoo!, the desire arose to discuss new working environments more intensively and to organize events and workshops for this purpose. The working group was born! To date, the network has around 350 members, who like to get together at regular intervals for visits and workshops outside Munich. 

So far, the working group has consisted of five members who initiate and coordinate events in a relaxed atmosphere. We are pleased to announce that our Managing Director Richard Weller is now actively involved in the coordination and has joined the working group as a sixth member with his expertise in the field of workspace performance and organizational consulting.

"Munich Offices has now been in existence for 10 years. Congratulations to the working group and everyone involved on such a great and enriching network! I am really pleased to have been asked to play an active role in the working group and to help steer the network, which I am very happy to do. It's great fun to continue to work with such cool and creative people and to further develop the Munich Offices network," says Richard Weller. 

We are delighted to be involved and are excited to see what we will achieve together in the working group in the future! After the coronavirus pandemic, physical events and interactive workshops on digitalization and agile working environments will certainly take place again, and you are cordially invited to attend. To find out more about the network and make sure you don't miss anything important, simply visit our website: Munich Offices