LoRaWAN from N-ERGIE is an IoT radio network that is suitable for the long-range transmission of small amounts of data. It increases the efficiency of reading water meters. In contrast to drive-by solutions, the reading time is reduced considerably. In the future, smaller communities in the surrounding area can also be linked up.

In future, the radio network will also be opened for private data collection and processing. There are a large number of meters that are “LoRaWAN capable” and can be integrated into the network. These include electricity meters, door contacts, motion or level sensors. In addition to reading meters, controlling non-safety-relevant systems (e.g., outdoor lighting) is also an area of application. The system offers a very good opportunity to retrofit existing buildings with intelligent meters without having to install a complex, wired BMS. An account of a successful example came from the plenary.

After the official part, the lively discussion among the participants was then continued in a relaxed atmosphere during networking.