Supporting life-long learning.

Michael Dax and Patrick Mahler accredited as LEED AP (Accredited Professional) Due to our growth and the increased demands from projects, Alpha IC has invested in the training of two more employees as LEED AP. We now have six colleagues with outstanding knowledge and know-how in the field of Green Building & Sustainability.

Michael Dax, who is responsible for Green Building & Sustainability as a partner, has successfully completed the LEED AP ID + C (Interior Design + Construction) training. As an architect and sustainability expert with 10 years of experience in corporate design, he will in future serve the increased customer demand from the retail sector. Meanwhile, the retail industry and the corporates have realized that it is becoming increasingly important to implement sustainability aspects as a new standard in their shops and stores.

In addition, Patrick Mahler from our Munich office successfully passed the LEED AP BD + C exam (Building Design + Construction) and is thus specialized in new construction projects (including Core & Shell). As a consultant in the Green Building & Sustainability team, he is primarily responsible for the LEED projects in Munich where LEED is becoming increasingly important for our clients' new construction projects. With more than 80+ LEED projects currently underway, Alpha IC is now the market leader in building certification under the LEED system in Germany.

For us, however, it is not just about the "label" itself. We much prefer to develop and implement the relevant and specific sustainability criteria with our clients, rather than just submitting to a green building standard. A value-oriented design, as well as the user-friendly and optimized business organization can increase the sustainability and thus the value of real estate and not by any "label" - whether gold or platinum.