Together with the RESO Group, ALPHA IC has established a joint consulting company in Switzerland. The company, which operates under the name >> ALPHA IC Schweiz AG <<, is headquartered in Zurich and offers a similar real estate management consulting portfolio as is provided by ALPHA in Germany. In addition to classic FM consulting services, ALPHA IC Schweiz AG increasingly supports digitization and IoT projects in real estate management. In addition, integral Smart City projects are worked on.

This development gives the organization a presence in Switzerland as well as Germany and Austria, thus ensuring the necessary customer proximity throughout the DACH region. The Zurich entrepreneur Roger Krieg will take over the management of ALPHA IC Switzerland. Already well-known, he has been active in the consulting area for over 20 years. Most recently, he has built a reputation in digitization projects in real estate management and the “IoT in FM initiative” in Switzerland.

Against this background, it is only natural that Switzerland should build up strong expertise in these segments in order to help the conservative real estate sector move into the digital age.

In parallel to the activities in Switzerland, an international consulting network will be set up to service global real estate projects. "International customers often express the need for central strategies and local implementation skills," says Sebastian Hölzlein, Managing Director of ALPHA IC in Germany.

The RESO Group and ALPHA IC are already implementing a joint project with BEESTATE®, which was has been a platform for intensive collaboration.