Also at this year's CITY CYCLING we took the opportunity to be there and busily collected cycling kilome-ters. Because our contribution to climate protection is very important to us, we want to reduce our CO2 emissions with this campaign while awakening the sporting spirit of our employees. We think that with 21 cyclists and an impressive 5,406 km in a period of three weeks we definitely managed to do this!

The cycled kilometers correspond to a saving of 432.5 liters of fuel with an assumed fuel con-sumption of 8 liters / 100 km. Converted into carbon dioxide equivalents, we avoided a total of 794.7 kg of CO2 through this commitment - a great feeling. Christoph Bald, junior consultant at the Nuremberg office got 1st place with 1,190 km and set a record for the most kilometers cycled since the start of our bicycle competition. The second place with 527 km goes to Tobias Recha, consultant at the Bamberg office, who does 100% of his daily commute of around 20 km by bike.

Third place with 459 km went to Ferdinand Karnoll, consultant at Bamberg, who had already taken first place in 2017. The team award goes to Christoph Bald and Richard Weller with 1,669 kilometers trav-elled during the campaign period. The holders of the 1st place and the team award waive their prize in the form of a city and a restaurant voucher and donate the amount to Schlupfwinkel, an association for helping children, youth and families.

A big respect and congratulations to all dedicated cyclists. We are proud of you!