Ifes GmbH has been a certified expert for over 10 years and is as such a partner of Hafen City Hamburg (HCH). During this time, ifes GmbH was successful as a conformity auditor in 20 of 36 projects.

Version 3.0 and upwards requires the highest certification standard in platinum. As the expert appointed by HCH, we take over the assessment of your project with respect to the environmental label.

The HCH auditor is well trained and has good communication skills so that the planning process is not hindered. The task as expert usually includes checking the conformity of the sustainability criteria to be implemented and confirming compliance to the HCH.

Only then does the property developer have the right to use the environmental label and fulfil the agreement with HCH. We recommend all building owners to involve the auditor at an early stage to avoid errors and to ensure a lean process.