With motivation and team spirit we are breaking new ground.

Successful innovative pioneering work in real estate management requires attention to internal business change. The classic, rigid partitioning of work space is being replaced with space designed for flexible and interdisciplinary working. In this course, a model for the contribution of partners was developed which focuses on personality development and coaching of employees.

The function of these partners extends beyond the provision of high-quality advice to clients to that of "enablers" who engage with employees to foster their full potential. Our partners are Michael Dax, Kudret Celik, Markus Messerschmidt, Matthias Domke and Marko Opic. 

The framework conditions with flexible working hours were introduced to provide for more personal responsibility, self-organization, and additional freedom. The role of the project manager was strengthened and the professionally oriented field coordinators were promoted. The recipe for success: everyone pursues a shared vision and strives for the best way to realise it. The ALPHA vision: We are THE pioneers for a new understanding of values in servicing real estate.

Our corporate culture is characterized by partnership, self-determination, sustainability and independence. For our customers this means: speed, flexibility and quality of advice.