A technical report by ALPHA consultant Christian Then in the magazine "Der Facility Manager".

Clients and service providers often have different views on the subject of quality in facility management. Regular external controlling of service provision can help both parties to achieve the same understanding and to promote cooperation based on partnership.

A successful cooperation between the owner, controller and service provider ensures the quality of service provision, the tenant or user satisfaction, and enhances the value of a property. A regular, externally-managed controlling of real estate is in the interest of property owners and contractors.

The controller provides the service provider with a decision basis for his future budget planning and personnel allocation. This saves costs and time, ensures quality and can increase tenant satisfaction. Not to be ignored is also how it ensures that operators fulfil their responsibilities.

Complementing this, the building owner uses the condition assessment of the property to be able to initiate suitable measures. Specifically: the owner get clear information on property defects, any repairs that are pending and updates on whether all maintenance and necessary tests have been carried out professionally. Successful cooperation with the service provider is therefore encouraged, as its performance can always be optimized on this basis. Christian Then