How to develop a site that extends over more than 1,000,000 m² of land.

After a short welcome and introduction by lounge manager Sebastian Hölzlein, we went directly to the site "Marienzeile" opposite. In the bright evening sun, Udo Schneider from project management at Aurelis Real Estate Service presented the construction site with its challenges and special features.

This was followed by a lecture by Douglas Kelly on the current property developments in Nuremberg: Marienzeile, Kohlenhof and Lichtenreuth. While the focus until now was on the current construction site at Marienzeile, this has shifted to the roughly 100-hectare district in the south of Nuremberg. Between the inner lake and the recreational area Dutzendteich, this area offers great opportunities for urban development. The goals of the development were met together in collaboration with the city of Nuremberg. The site is to be developed as a mixed-use quarter for living and working as well as a university campus with generous green areas. The lively discussion of the participants was subsequently continued during the networking in a relaxed atmosphere.