ALPHA's consulting work in sustainability in Facility Management strengthened.

Sustainability as a challenge and future-oriented topic - this has been discovered by Philipp Ochel, consultant at Alpha Immobilien Consulting. In the future, as an auditor, he will oversee and certify projects that include particularly sustainable facility management according to "GEFMA 160 - Sustainability in Facility Management".

The approval allows the auditing of the quality of the facility services focused on sustainable operation. The entire cycle of facility management concepts, their implementation, control and identification and realization of optimization potential is examined. The GEFMA 160 auditor is an advisor to the client and forms the interface to the GEFMA.

He prepares the documents and evidence required for the conformity assessment and also carries out a pre-assessment, in line with the conformity assessment itself. The conformity test itself is carried out by the independent testing body TÜV Süd, which guarantees an objective evaluation for a certification. GEFMA 160 auditors have the latest know-how in the field of sustainable and qualitative facility management processes.

They can provide clients with advice and thus give the opportunity to optimize internal processes and structures sustainably and to make them transparent even without certification. Furthermore, Lina Casper (Apleona) has successfully completed the auditor examination. Both received their certificates from Sebastian Pohl (who is amongst other roles GEFMA Auditor Instructor) hands over the certificates of appointment.