More resilience through hybrid working environments that are flexible, self-organized and digital.


  • Workspace Performance Check

    How sustainable are your working environments? With the Workspace Performance Check, Alpha IC offers you an online survey tool to quickly obtain an overview of whether your working environment is on the right track. If so, all the better. But even if there is potential here, this is no cause for concern. We help you to find the improvement potential and to leverage this potential.

    As a result, you will receive your Workspace Performance Report immediately afterwards, which already gives you an initial overview of the status of your working environments and is a good starting point for all further steps.

  • Workspace concepts

    Based on the identified starting points from the six fields of activity, our consultants work with you to develop tailor-made and flexible concepts that correspond to and support your company's values.

    We accompany you all the way from the identification of starting points or the desire for change to the use of the changed working world. We are available to you with our extensive expertise in all six areas of activity described as required. For example, with the help of acoustic, visual or thermal analyzes, we ensure greater comfort and well-being for users or develop modern facility management concepts that are synchronized with digital processes.

    It is important to us that we do not provide just off-the-peg solutions. Instead, we involve you and your employees in this process from the start.

  • Digital work worlds

    The race for the most attractive property is won today using digital services for tenants. But many still shy away from the challenges of a smart building. Reasons can be a lack of experience in operating and billing concepts.New contractual territory and data protection are currently the biggest hurdles - in addition to the selection of suitable sensors and smart building platforms / apps. And above all there remains the question of the actual effects for users because sensors alone don't make a building smart.

    Alpha IC supports you on the path to digital human-building interaction: user-oriented, sustainable and intelligent. Indoor navigation, automated and individualized room climate according to use or the coordination of “shared desks” with the help of “heat maps” are just a few examples of future-proof real estate. Linking all these data with the facility management services brings additional added value.

  • Client and tenant representation and project management

    As a corporate, do you intend to change your location or where you lease space? We are very happy to represent your corporate position and support you with our expertise. We control this process in terms of deadlines, costs and quality and regardless of whether it is your own, leased, or still to be leased space.

  • Change management and transformation support

    Experience has shown that the creation of new working environments often leads to great uncertainties and negative responses from employees. In contrast, these changes offer high potential for positive effects on your employees. Our consultants are familiar with involving clients' employees so that existing fears are reduced and potential is increased. We turn those affect into those involved to achieve solutions that lead to identification with the company and that can be embraced by everyone.


Full concentration, creativity and motivation are only possible with healthy and fulfilled employees. These are crucial for the economic success of a business because only happy employees make happy customers.

Our approach: moving away from fixed structures and rigid rules and regulations towards agile and learning structures. A mixture of office, home-based working and remote work is needed to meet future requirements. We accompany your process in a resilient working environment as a sparring partner.

A future work space needs different spatial areas for retreat,creative work and areas for informal exchange. With a focus on the user, acoustic comfort, thermal comfort and daylight and lighting concepts must be taken into account in the realisation. Furthermore, self-determination and personal responsibility lead to identification with the work and bring the desired success.

With a holistic and company-specific approach, we support you as a companion in achieving the desired resilience of your employees and your company. The necessary IT structures play just as important a role as the corporate culture.

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