It is no secret that real estate is a major contributor to climate change, resource consumption, and waste generation. "Companies must take responsibility. All activities must be characterized by conscious, sustainable and value-oriented action - internally and externally," says Richard Weller, Managing Director of Alpha IC. Alpha IC GmbH champions change in the real estate industry. And they underpin this commitment by, among other things, reporting twice according to DNK (German Sustainability Code).

The consulting firm not only sets an example, but has been a DNK mentor since 2016 and a DNK training partner since 2020. In concrete terms, this means that the consultants offer their advisory services for holistic sustainability at the corporate level and provide support in the preparation of GSC statements.

Together, they work on an appropriate sustainability strategy that matches the client's business. Building on this, action can be implemented to communicate change and to take responsibility. The GSC serves as an instrument for reflecting on one's own corporate sustainability performance and is currently already being used by over 600 companies in all sectors. Through a set of 20 criteria and a selec-tion of performance indicators, the GSC creates a clear basis for benchmarking. It is also compatible with other sustainability standards (e.g. Global Compact, EMAS, ILO).

In 2019, the GSC was awarded ISAR Honours by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for an outstanding contri-bution to transparency regarding corporate sustainability and promoting comparability and quality of report-ing.

Learn more about Alpha IC's commitment to sustainability here: DNK-Bericht/AlphaIC.

You can find the DNK training partners under the following map.