Lecture by ALPHA Master student Katharina Mende at INservFM 2018.

The central question that Katharina Mende has worked on as part of her Masters Degree at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Geoinformation and Municipal Technology is: What indicators can be used to measure digital maturity? The main challenge in digital transformation is the digitization itself.

It can be seen as the catalyst for agility, an organization's ability to respond to changes in the environment and change itself. Digitization offers companies the opportunity to maximize the profit and efficiency of their operations. However, it is always important to strike a balance between technology and the human factor.

Based on these sociological and technical requirements of the evaluation model, the following criteria for measuring the degree of digitization were developed: Strategy, leadership, structure, culture and information technologies. These criteria now make it possible to evaluate a company in the context of the digital transformation. The parameters themselves and their weightings can be changed strategically and thus the weaknesses of an organization can be easily identified.