New AHO performance profile for commissioning management published.

Alpha IC as co-author The AHO publication No. 19 addresses complementary performance in project management for the con-struction and real estate industries. In particular, technical commissioning management based on VDI 6039 now has its own chapter. The Alpha IC, represented by Mr. Kai Eiden and the Managing Director Sebastian Hölzlein, played a key role in the development of this performance profile.

The aim was to standardize the approach to commissioning in all federal states and to achieve a clear distinction from between commis-sioning and other services to the development to avoid duplication of effort. The need for orderly commissioning arises particularly in complex projects with a large amount of technical building equipment (TGA). Over several years, the Alpha IC has acquired a strong expert base in the afore-mentioned field of performance in large-scale projects.