According to a recent survey by Opinium, approximately 72% of home office employees struggle with con-nectivity issues. As a result, anticipating the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines, office space owners and land-lords are now increasingly looking for ways to innovate and increase efficiency when employees return. Among other things, this requires a future-proof digital infrastructure.

Alpha IC as a partner for WiredScore certification

To determine whether a building meets the challenge of supporting internet-based working, WiredScore has defined various criteria that enable developers and owners of commercial real estate to assess the digital infrastructure of their buildings. Factors considered include reliability, user experience, mobile network and Internet connectivity, and future-proofing. The certification is divided into the WiredScore, WiredScore Silver, WiredScore Gold and WiredScore Platinum levels. During the certification phase, the building is al-lowed to bear the title "under Certification".

Due to the high demand for consulting and certification, appropriate cooperation partners have been en-gaged in the implementation of projects since 2021. The qualification of WiredScore APs is the foundation. With Mr. Philipp Ochel, ALPHA IC GmbH has its own WiredScore AP since February 2021 and is thus in a position to advise you in the planning and implementation of new office building projects to make your projects future-proof and stable in value. An extension of the certification to residential construction in the European market is still pending.


Collaboration on the development of the WiredScore Smart Score

WiredScore is also about to launch the first global certification for smart buildings, called SmartScore. The score is based on the assessment of two aspects: smart applications and the technical foundations on which they are based. The goal is to develop a global standard and thus create a certification that serves both owners and users. Roger Krieg, Managing Director of Alpha IC Schweiz AG, was elected to the Advisory Board to help develop this smart building standard.

Based on our experience in smart building and IoT projects in existing buildings and in new construction projects, we are contributing with this cooperation to establishing future-oriented digital solutions in the real estate sector.

If you need more information about connectivity and smart building, we will be happy to support and advise you. Your contact person is Philipp Ochel.

About WiredScore

WiredScore certification was created in 2013 in collaboration with the City of New York and leading experts in real estate, technology and telecommunications. Today, WiredScore is also active in France, Germany, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and Italy. Currently, more than 2,500 buildings in over 160 cities worldwide have been awarded WiredScore certification, including the Empire State Building, The Shard, and Tour CBX.

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