For us, value-oriented management is not just an empty phrase; we work every day to anchor our values in our actions and our consulting services. Partnership, self-determination, sustainability and quality determine our actions. Following the basic principle of "from the inside out", we promote this understanding of values on a daily basis in order to persuade the real estate industry to act more sustainably through our contributions.

Against this background, we present the so-called "Trailblazer" award every year. It is awarded for special commitment of our employees to living the corporate values in their daily consulting business or in their private lives.

The clear winner of the 2021 award was our colleague and partner Florian Dubisch. During their visit last week at the Cologne office, our managing directors, Sebastian Hölzlein and Richard Weller, were happy to personally hand over the freshly engraved Trailblazer Award: "We are glad that you are with us and that you support our colleagues with advice and action and courage and clarity in your coaching function," the two said during the handover.

One of our essential values is respect. Our colleagues and our management attach great importance to dealing respectfully with each other as well as with partners and clients. If this is not the case, we reflect this to the person not acting respectfully and demand respectful treatment. Unfortunately, a client behaved very disrespectfully towards a colleague and did not want to change this behaviour, which is why Florian intervened with attitude and as a consequence we actively terminated the cooperation with the client, even though it was a very exciting project. In all of our opinions, "Great attitude, Florian!"

Florian donated the prize money from the award to our donation to the following social projects, also selected by colleagues. This year we support Engineers without Borders - cisterns for schools in Tanzania, the project "One-Dollar-Glasses" and the German Alzheimer Society Gunzenhausen and surroundings.

The other type of “perpetual trophy“

The "Trailblazer" award is a "stone in the board" trophy made especially for us, which is intended to show that the award-winning employees stand by you as a good friend. Suggestions and selection of the award, which is worth 1,000 euros, are made by the entire team. The trophy is the counterpart to our "High performer" award, which is presented for an outstanding sales-related performance in the previous year.

Beim „Wegbereiter“-Award handelt es sich um einen eigens für uns angefertigten „Stein im Brett“-Pokal, der zeigen soll, dass die ausgezeichneten MitarbeiterInnen einem als guter Freund zur Seite stehen. Vorschläge und Wahl des mit 1.000 Euro dotierten Awards erfolgen im gesamten Team. Der Pokal ist das Pendant zu unserem „Highperformer“-Award, der für eine herausragende umsatzbezogene Leistung im Vorjahr verliehen wird.

You can see our articles on the winners of the last two years here:

The first ALPHA Trailblazer Award goes to Markus Henning.

The Trailbrazer Award for 2020 goes to ... the ALPHA IC as a team.


Who can be seen on the photo? From left Managing Director Sebastian Hölzlein, Partner Florian Dubisch and Managing Director Richard Weller, Photo Alpha IC GmbH