Speaker Hans-Peter Klein-Schell on 2018/12/15

Lounge leader Sebastian Hölzlein reviewed the this year’s GEFMA activities as part of his welcome speech. The participants agreed to the hotel topic. Speaker, Hans Peter Klein-Schell, Partner at Alpha IC, asked in his presentation the provocative question: Are hotel operators the better service providers?

The hospitality aspect was highlighted in addition to the type of assessment undertaken. There is a feedback culture with a focus on the customer in the hotel sector. The so-called NPS (Net Promoter Score) is widespread. How the overall satisfaction of users can be measured and monitored over time is a core question in this sector. Would not this also be a good opportunity for facility management? This was discussed controversially. There was agreement that the focus should increasingly be on the user and that this measure could also be used to optimize the quality.

In keeping with the season, the evening came to a pleasant end at the Nuremberg Christmas Market. There was a lively exchange over mulled wine, gingerbread and Nuremberg sausages.