ALPHA high performers 2018.

Alpha IC first launched this award for outstanding performance in the preceding year. The award recognises remarkable performance in project work. Patrick Mahler was the frontrunner in terms of his success statistics and was honored with the "Stein-in-Brett-Award" at the Future Dialogue.

The Future Dialogue is the term used in Alpha IC for the employee event that is focused on bilateral exchange. Patrick Mahler works at the ALPHA location in Munich as a consultant focused on green building. The second place went to Mario Besold, Facility Management Consultant in Nuremberg. Ferdinand Karnoll, Junior Consultant who also focuses on FM from Bamberg was in third place. We congratulate everyone on this great success!

The phrase “Stein-in-Brett "having a stone on the board" can be traced back to the 16th century. At that time, people liked to play an early form of backgammon. The aim of the game was to place stones very well on the board. From this has developed the today's "having a stone on the board". This is a good friend who stands by one’s side like a stone on the board.