Alpha IC launched a staff award in 2019 for special engagement with corporate values in business or in private life. This is based on four policy statements that were established from within the staff and that were presented internal annual meeting for all colleagues.

After a joint selection process, Markus Henning, long-time senior consultant at Alpha IC, received the 2019 pioneer award.

This award is the counterpart to the ALPHA “High Performer” Award, which was awarded for an outstanding sales-related performance in the previous year. The "pioneer" award is also a “stone in the board” trophy that has been specially produced for Alpha IC according to individual requests.

The phrase "having a stone in someone's board" can be traced back to the 16th century. Back then, people played a board game called Wurfzabel. The game was about placing your stones particularly well on the board. From this, today's phrase "have a stone in the board" developed. A good friend who is at your side like one stone beside another has a stone in the board.