"I'm excited. For the first time, the Green Building Council has published an empirical study which shows that climate change and related environmental issues are taken seriously by about 75% of civil society respondents. They therefore try to avoid waste, recycle, and handle water consumption in a sensitive way in their daily activities. The real estate sector is also responsible for a large amount of waste. Sustainable buildings stand for conservation of materials, resource-saving, and recycling-oriented construction. We must continue working on forward-looking strategies. I hope you enjoy reading the report" said Michael Dax, Partner at Alpha IC.

With our daily activities and opportunities in the real estate environment, we see ourselves as responsible for the built environment to civil society and to our employees. However, we also know that sustainable buildings and neighborhoods are only part of the solution to countering climate change and improving the quality of life for all people on this planet.

U.S. Green Building Council commissioned ClearPath Strategies, a global public opinion research company, to conduct in-depth national qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate civil society's attitudes and outlook on the environment. In this study, whose scope and level of detail went far beyond the usual "LEED audience", housing associations and young families in five representative US cities (including Atlanta and San Francisco) were surveyed.

This is the first empirical living standard research report in which the USGBC wants to develop a better understanding of the public in order to anchor the issues of environment and sustainability in civil society!

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