Prof. Klaus Heying, TH Nürnberg and Tim Bremstahler, head of the Lounge Nordbayern, cordially welcomed the participants, informed about upcoming events. The topic of the meeting was agreed.

Norbert Bierbaum-Hillejan, former CEO of amongst others the Allianz Handwerker Service (AHS), illustrated the enormous potential of measures for the reduction of electrosmog at workplaces in his presentation. He speaks of an investment in the health of employees, which has many times its positive impact on their satisfaction and thus on the satisfaction of customers and the company's success.

The building biologist Kurt Nemec, who also carried out the workplace analysis at AHS, followed with figures, data and facts. He explained various measures that bring significant improvement not only in terms of the workplace, but also in the private environment. From turning off the WLAN at night, the phase direction on the schuko plug, to the cotton shirt pulled over the back of the office chair, the lecture definitely opened our eyes and sensitized us to the topic of electrosmog.

There was a lot of discussion about the individual measures and first intentions for changes in the office and at home in the subsequent networking activities.