During our 4th Future Dialogue 2022 and our anniversary celebration "20 +1 years Alpha IC" in December last year, our enabler for the year 2022 was chosen. It is awarded for special social commitment of our colleagues in relation to living the company values in their daily consulting business or in their private lives. It is intended to show us that we are actively committed to our values of partnership, self-determination, sustainability and quality in our own actions and in the advice we provide, and to serve as a sign of appreciation for these efforts on the part of each individual. Nominations are made by colleagues throughout the year and put up for a democratic vote at the final Future Dialogue each year.

Our award winner for 2022 - Thank you, Markus for your special commitment!

We are very pleased to have received seven nominations in professional and personal contexts this year. This ranged from personal commitment to the Scouts: in the context of the World Scout Jamboree to special social commitment in the church community to our working group on Ukraine aid and our internal dialogues about our values. The personal commitment of a colleague in the integration of our students and interns in the Alpha IC was also nominated for the award.

One of the topics that has been of greatest concern to us and many others over the past year and also this year is the ongoing war situation in Ukraine. Our colleague Markus Henning has been a particularly selfless sponsor of the integration of a family of refugees, helping them to arrive and settle in Germany. He continues to support them in word and deed and we are pleased that further friendships and support from colleagues have developed as a result. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Markus Henning once again for his commitment! Thank you for living our values in such a natural way! Besides Markus, many other colleagues were involved in the support and still are. Many thanks also at this point for your team spirit and cohesion! We think that is great!

For Markus, it is not "the first time", as he already received the first Alpha IC award in 2019, when we introduced the Wegbereiter Award. This was awarded to him for his many years of commitment at elementary schools, where he sensitized students in the third and fourth grades to sustainable behavior in everyday life. Markus is leaving the prize money for the award completely unselfishly in our pot for the Ukraine aid of Alpha IC. Many thanks on behalf of the recipients of the aid!

Our goal: to inspire the real estate industry to act in a more sustainable and value-oriented way.

In our consulting, we want to  inspire other individuals and companies within the real estate industry to act in a more sustainable and value-oriented way and to accompany them on their way to this transformation. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that one of our long-standing clients has developed its own award based on our award and presented it to one of our colleagues. We hope for many more imitators.

The "Wegbereiter" award is a "stone in the board" trophy made especially for us, which is intended to show that the award-winning employees are a good friend to us. The award, which comes with a purse of 1,000 euros, is proposed and chosen by the entire team. The trophy is the counterpart to our "Highperformer" award, which is presented for an outstanding sales-related performance in the previous year.

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