Our goal is a fully functioning building from the first day.


  • Technology and building plant matrix

    We analyze the interactions between the various technical installations and depict their interdependencies. We clarify the responsibilities of the participating project actors in an interface catalog with installation-specific assignments of the respective designers, installers and experts. This results in a transparent and comprehensive foundation for controlling the commissioning process.

  • Assurance of design quality through audit

    We check progress against the design in relation to the subsequent commissioning in order to identify and eliminate problems and sources of error at an early stage. In addition, we identify energy optimization potential.

  • Modification of the installer specifications

    We review procurement documents with respect to commissioning and define construction contractors’ obligations to cooperate across systems and achieve commissioning across the technical areas involved. In particular, we attach great importance to clearly regulating the assignment of operator obligations during the commissioning phase.

  • Scheduling of commissioning

    We map the individual commissioning steps with their interdependencies in a commissioning schedule and identify the relevant milestones linked to the construction schedule. In this way, we create the conditions for a systematic and structured commissioning process and improve the scheduling framework. We identify risks and critical paths.

  • Performance and functional tests

    We create the "script" for a cross-plant commissioning and develop scenarios and test specifications for cross-plant functional tests. Here, the dynamic interaction of the systems in a wide range of operating states is traversed via complex test procedures. In this way we carry out a functional quality assurance and create the conditions for an efficient plant operation - already from the first day of use.

  • Training & instruction

    Depending on the building’s complexity, we define the need and the intensity of the training measures for the later operating personnel. These measures are supplemented by a corresponding operating documentation and possible video recordings.

  • Involvement of users

    What is the best property worth if its users do not fully understand how to avail of its features. Our team supports this through specially designed user manuals, interactive visualizations, user surveys or training measures.


If buildings go into operation without hydraulic regulation and data point testing, because in the end "there is no time", then that does not leave us cold!

Therefore, we have been dealing with the subject of commissioning management for a long time: We were already active in Germany prior to the introduction of the VDI guideline 6039 and the start of market penetration. We co-authored the AHO performance picture "Technical commissioning management" (Series No. 19). With test scenarios, methodical knowledge and in-depth experience from a variety of projects, we are at your side as an independent commissioning manager.

It is important to us:
• Functional quality assurance: In addition to the functionality of the individual trades, we ensure that the targeted interaction of the plants prior to acceptance is proven and documented.
• Energy and operating cost savings: Already in the planning phase, we identify optimization potential with regard to energy and cost-efficient plant operation.
• Operator perspective: Through the clear assignment of operator obligations, we reduce operator risks in the period between construction completion and handover to the user.

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